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Aadmi Movie 1968, With English Subtitle, Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Waheeda Rehman

Years later, Rajesh, now a grown man, still has the doll in his closet and he has now fallen in love with a woman named Meena (Waheeda Rehman). He becomes engaged to her after the approval of his best friend, Dr. Shekhar (Manoj Kumar). However, Rajesh and Meena have an automobile accident, in which Rajesh becomes paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. It is then that Rajesh finds out that Shekhar and Meena are having an affair. His old murderous and possessive hatred surfaces again and his best friend Shekhar’s life is in danger. Starring: Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Simi Garewal, Pran Directed by: A Bhimsingh Produced by: P S Veerappa Music by Naushad Country: India Language: Hindi

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