Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Professional Breath

Breathalyzer Professional Breath Alcohol Tester
【ONE TOUCH OPERATION 】The breathalyzers are extremely easy to use. Simply insert the three included LR03 AAA batteries, power on your breathalyzer and begin testing. You are able to easily change units of measurements and set user-defined BAC thresholds for testing. 【SENSITIVE AND HIGH ACCURACY】 High accuracy, the AT-818 alcohol concentration alcohol tester is used to measure the human body, intelligent MCU control, when the test results more than 0.05% bac or 0.50 ‰ bac or 0.25 mg/l, or 50 mg / 100 ml, it warned audio and video, warn you. 【FIVE PIECES MOUTHPIECES FOR FRIENDS】Alcohol breath analyzer comes with 5 pieces of mouthpieces which are placed on the back of the device, and the mouthpieces can be cleaned and recycled. Will be much easier for your family or friend to test. 【SMART DESIGN AND SIZE】 This alcohol screener will fit into almost every shirt- or pants pocket. You will have the ability to check the alcohol value in your breath everywhere. It is also a good companion for breast-feed mothers who want to know whether they can feed their children or not after drinking through measuring their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). 【EASY TO READ】 With a blue LED display, it will be much easier for night viewing. It will be auto shut off to save power after you finished the test for 20 seconds. LCD screen flicker shows that it is in low battery. satcamcom.

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