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All Of Harry Bloopers In Harry Potter

All Of Harry’s Bloopers In Harry Potter
After filming eight different movies like Harry Potter, Daniel Rad liffe had his fair share of bloopers captured behind the scenes! Since the actor started out on set so young, there were plenty of shenanigans for him and his other co-stars to get into. Sometimes, the flubs came about because the young actor found himself in a fit of giggles for no particular reason. Even before Radcliffe secured the role of the boy who lived, bloopers of the actor were caught when he was in his audition.
Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:32 The First Bloopers (Audition) 01:01 Totally Unfazed (The Philosopher’s Stone) 01:33 Secret to Acting (The Philosopher’s Stone) 02:02 Bashed Around (The Chamber of Secrets) 02:35 Sneaky Prank (The Prisoner of Azkaban) 03:21 Harness Struggle (The Goblet of Fire) 03:50 Waltzing Fumbles (The Goblet of Fire) 04:30 Action Hero (The Goblet of Fire) 05:01 Ron’s Defence (The Order of the Phoenix) 05:29 Awkward Kissing (The Order of the Phoenix) 06:04 Stopping Dumbledore (The Half-Blood Prince) 06:23 Difficult Climb (The Half-Blood Prince) 06:39 Meal Hall Stumble (The Half-Blood Prince) 07:01 Unexpected Hit (The Half-Blood Prince) 07:30 Bra Removal (The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1) 07:50 Outro

All Of Harry Bloopers In Harry Potter
All Of Harry Bloopers In Harry Potter

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