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Harry Potter Bloopers And Cutest On-Set Moments 15

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While Harry Potter was getting used to attending Hogwarts and being part of the wizarding world, the cast of the franchise was trying to adapt to being on a big-budget film set! It took some getting used to, but don’t worry there was a ton of fun being had behind the scenes, and today we’re going to take a look at some of it. Bonnie Wright is such a trooper you’d never know what she had to go through to keep filming one particular scene in “Chamber of Secrets.” Rupert Grint spent so much time snickering on set they had to institute a penalty system so he could keep a straight face. Hermione Granger has a reputation for being the serious one in the group, but apparently on set Emma Watson was known for her competitive nature. Helena Bonham Carter and Matthew Lewis had a wand mishap on set and Tom Felton had no idea one of his co-stars actually had a crush on him!

Harry Potter Bloopers And Cutest On-Set Moments 15
Harry Potter Bloopers And Cutest On-Set Moments 15

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