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How To Make Powerful Air Gun, At Home, NEW MODEL

How To Make Powerful PUBG Air Gun at Home Using Plastic Bottle !! Buy Cheap Gear Motor.
Things You will need:
1. PVC pipe
2. Solenoid valve
3. Tyre valve
4. Press switch
5. 8 V battery
6. Cardboard
7. Plastic Bottle
Hello Friends!! In this video I am gonna show you “How To Make Powerful Air Gun at Home Using Plastic Bottle “This Air gun is Powerful and Accurate and this homemade gun shoots bullets that are nothing but plastic pearls, are these are easily available in stationary. Using This Homemade Air Gun you can improve your aim and shooting skills. And the things I have used for making this powerful air gun are easily available in general stores. This video is for only entertainment purposes and for knowledge. Please Don’t make Miss-use of this Toy. This is a very powerful Toy Air Gun gun and we should use it carefully.

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