Janam Movie 1985, Kumar Gaurav, Dramatic Movie, Shernaz Patel, Anupam Kher

Director: Mahesh Bhatt Producer: Mahesh Bhatt Genre: Drama Music: Ajit Verman Year: 1985 Cast: Kumar Gaurav, Shernaz Patel, Anupam Kher Synopsis: The protagonist, Rahul, is an aspiring filmmaker but he does not have a good script nor the money needed to invest in making a movie. That’s when his childhood friend steps in and mortgages his restaurant to come up with the money and claims that he is doing it for himself, for he believes in the capability of Rahul, and wants his own name to become immortal. Rahul is the son of a 1950’s film director and his keep; his father also has a “legal” family which knows about the existence of Rahul and his mother and detest them to no end. Every time Rahul goes to their house to get some money, he is ridiculed by everyone in that household, including his father’s mother and his lawfully wedded wife. His father, though, cares more for Rahul’s mother than his own wife. Rahul also has a girlfriend who is very supportive of him and who eventually marries him. While Rahul is struggling to make his film and is short on money, every small gesture to fulfill his needs – like smoking – by his working wife flusters him, and the husband and wife have squabbles. When Rahul eventually completes his film, he is very disillusioned since it does not rise up to his expectations. That’s when his friend suggests that a film successful film is that which is based on one’s own trials and tribulations in life. This provides the necessary spark for Rahul and he starts scripting a new story based on his own life which revolves around his own illegitimate birth, his mother who worked as an extra in his father’s films, his father’s other family, and the other people associated with him. This storyline prompts his father to file a lawsuit against Rahul for personal defamation. When the premier of the film is announced, Rahul is very desirous of his father coming to it even though there is a pending lawsuit against him. The last scene is the Award ceremony where Rahul’s film Janam is announced the best film and when Rahul comes to the stage to receive his award he requests that the award be given to him by his father who is sitting in the audience. When his father comes up to the stage to give Rahul the award, he is filled with pride, and he says that this win is akin to when a horse wins a race, the people applaud the jockey, but the horse thinks that the claps are for him. On this note, the movie ends whereby Rahul, his mother, and his father are united even if for an ephemeral moment.

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