living in desert mud houses in desert lifestyle in Pakistan

Hi Guys! My name is Ghulam Dastgeer and I am a villager vlogger. I will show the village and desert Life as well. We will watch primitive living in the desert. the lifestyle of desert people is amazing and they live Mud homes in the Desert. We will also explore how desert people live in the heart of the Desert We will also watch the desert people’s lifestyle. desert people live in pure mud homes and eat simple food which often consists of milk and meat. they enjoy a healthy environment also. Pure and Simple Desert Life is seen everywhere. Extreme desert life is seen in the winter season. desert people, animals face scarcity of food. The desert life of Rajasthan in India is the same as the desert life of the Thar desert in Sindh Pakistan. desert life of Saudi Arabic and desert life in UAE also exists. The location of this video is near the Pak India border. Mud Home in Village and pure village life is seen by village vlogger. Pure and Simple Desert Life and desert people’s living is very good. The Thar Desert is known as the Great Indian Desert. The evening routine in the desert is very simple. Desert People Living is very simple. how people live in the desert is a very interesting question. simple desert life in Pakistan is seen in the deep desert. The desert lifestyle in Pakistan is really amazing.

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