Magnificent Century All Episodes With English Subtitle, Mera Sultan With English subtitle

The golden years of the Ottoman Empire come to life in a television series. The life of Suleiman the Magnificent is preparing to be a guest in your homes in all its glory. Get ready to experience the era with ambition, love, wars, and all the struggle. Prince Solomon, with his closest man, Ibrahim Pargam Ibrahim receives the bad news in a hunt. His father Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan passed away. Prince Suleyman sets out for Istanbul without waiting. Prince Süleyman quickly reaches the capital. He attends the culus ceremony without waiting. His life changed in one day. He started his life as Sultan Süleyman. Meanwhile, a galley loaded with slaves coming over the Black Sea is heading towards Istanbul. The hottest of the slaves is not yet aware that he is on a journey that will change his destiny. He is rebelling helplessly to return. Sultan Süleyman wants to show what kind of sultan he is by the commands he gave on the first day of his sultanate. But not everyone will like these decisions. Sultan Süleyman does not hesitate to challenge all of Europe with the messages he sends. Alex, despite all his rebellion, is brought to the Topkapi Palace. His attitude attracted the attention of Valide Sultan from the first moment. But it won’t be long before Alex learns the rules of the palace. He chooses a great target. Alex, Sultan Suleyman’s first night on the way to attract his attention. Sultan Suleiman’s wife Mahidevran just arrived from the palace of Manisa. He is looking forward to seeing his wife.

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