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Powerful Motivational for Success, Go For Gold

Go For Gold | Powerful Motivational for Success
A Tribute to all the Athletes of the Tokyo 2020/21 Games Thank You, Tokyo. Thank you Olympians. Thank you for showing what we as humans are capable of. Regardless of country, the Olympic Games gives birth to unknown hero’s who break records and defeat the odds. Doing their best inspires and gives courage to others to try, to fall, and to win. As we watched our athletes compete, cheering them on, screaming at our TVs, and celebrating their wins. We also watched them fall, watched their disappointment, watched their losses, and watched as they persevered. For perseverance, determination, and discipline is what make an athlete.
With continual pushing through barriers, obstacles, and a refusal to quit. For it is this ability to withstand trials, to persevere, that gets you to your goals. For it does not matter what your goal is or how long it will take to achieve it. Your key to success is achieved only by your willingness to commit and persevere.

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