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Quick And Easy Crafts, To Make At Home

Unbelievable crafts you must try today Let’s get our hands dirty with glue and a bunch of colorful craft supplies because we’re making all sorts of things today. For starters, I show you how to make slime. First, add some glue into a bowl, then add some hand cream, shaving cream, and a few drops of slime activator, mix everything together until it becomes a slime, and then add a few drops of food coloring inside. You can make a clothing mannequin by wrapping parts of a person in clingfilm and then sticking wet Modroc plaster on top. When it dries, cut it out and fill it up with expanding foam. You can also make a beautiful hand-shaped bowl using plaster. Simply fill a pair of latex gloves with plaster or cement and then place them in a bowl side by side to get the shape

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