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Sagina Hindi Movie 1974, सगीना 1974, English Subtitles, Dilip Kumar, Aparna Sen

These two incidents make Sagina declare a strike. The Socialist national leader Aniruddha Babu (Marul) and Vishakha (Aparna Sen) also join the movement. Aniruddha Babu appoints Sagina as a ‘Welfare Officer’ and signs an agreement that contains the demands of the workers. In reality, however, the agreement does not help the workers in improving their day-to-day problems. There is a loss of power for Aniruddha Babu. Vishakha murders Aniruddha Babu. Then Sagina wearied with charges against him and with the help of Lalita, continues the movement. Director: Tapan Sinha Producer: J. K. Kapoor Music: S. D. Burman Main Cast: Dilip Kumar, Aparna Sen, Anil Chatterjee, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay… more Genre: Social Release: Jul 26, 1974

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