World Cup 1934 Final-Italy Czechoslovakia

World Cup 1934 Final – Italy 2:1 Czechoslovakia
0:1 Antonin Puc (70.) 1:1 Raimondo Orsi (82.) 2:1 Angelo Schiavio (95.) The 1934 World Cup Final was the deciding match of the 1934 World Cup. It was contested by Italy and Czechoslovakia. Italy won the game 2-1. The final was held in the Stadio Nazionale PNF in Rome. Czechoslovakia took the lead with 15 minutes remaining through Puč. They held the lead for only 5 minutes though as Italy drew level through striker Orsi. There were no more goals in normal time so the match was forced to go into extra time. With just 5 minutes played in extra time, Italy took the lead with a goal from Schiavio and they held on to record their first World Cup title.

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