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Hilarious Harry Potter Bloopers, That Make The Movies Even Better

10 Hilarious Harry Potter Bloopers That Make The Movies Even Better
Nobody’s perfect, but it’s those moments of imperfection that give us insight into the parts we love about characters from our favorite films. Alan Rickman’s Snape is a serious man with no ounce of fun left in him. The same cannot be said for the actor and multiple bloopers show that. Just wait till you see what he and Michael Gambon did to Daniel Radcliffe in the third movie. The bloopers to the Harry Potter movies are what memes are made of. It will change the way you see most characters from Hagrid to McGonagall. Of course, some of these things you’re probably expecting, like the Rupert Grint giggle problem. Regardless, there are tons of fun mishaps that happened on set to enjoy.

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